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The importance of finding community when you're in the trenches of Motherhood

Local North Fork Valley Moms (Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Delta...) we are starting a new group for pregnant and postpartum moms, and really any parent along the womb continuum, looking for a safe community space to learn, grow, and share in community with others. We hope you'll join us this Monday, May 1st (& every Monday) at the Hearth (The Learning Council) in Paonia.

For those of you outside of the North Fork Valley, I urge you to find a group near you or

partner with a local doula or midwife to start your own!

As a mom, connection and community are ESSENTIAL. Finding a supportive and understanding group of other moms who are going through it (or have gone through it) can help you manage the challenging emotions that can accompany postpartum or motherhood. Community provides a sense of belonging and connection, which can reduce stress and loneliness, promoting positive mental health. It can also be a great source of inspiration, advice, and resources to help manage the unique challenges of being a mom. Finding the right community can be an invaluable part of the journey.

New to this and unsure where to start?

  1. Research online for local motherhood groups or parent support communities near you

  2. Try Meetup or Facebook as a resource for finding groups

  3. Ask friends or family, doulas or midwives if they know of any (or form your own with their help!)

  4. Start attending meetings and gatherings, make new connections, and see if the group is a good fit for you

Surrounding yourself in a supportive community is so vital throughout all the stages of postpartum and motherhood I cannot stress the importance of this enough. I know it can be scary, but put yourself out there and find a group who accepts you as you are, without judgement, only openness, support, and love!

If the thought of this feels overwhelming or you're struggling, know you aren't alone. Feel free to reach out to me. I'm here. We weren't meant to do this alone!

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