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Know the earth and pass it down...

A Placenta Print is original artwork I offer to every client seeking placenta processing. I utilize edible, vegan food coloring to essentially "paint" the placenta and then transfer onto watercolor paper. Each print is unique and special, with different colors that sometimes come to me during the birth (if I was their birth doula) or appear when I think of the mother or the baby this placenta supported. Sometimes the colors are simply inspired by what the trees are doing during that particular season. Before I start working with a placenta, I take a few moments to center and ground myself, to leave my emotions and baggage at the door, and to honor the special organ before me- for it is the true giver of life- a "tree of life" or "forgotten chakra". Just as I began praying over this special placenta, a song by Trevor Hall, "Yirawala," came on and just felt right on so many levels. Enjoy!


Sailing on high

Story told papa's eyes

Know your land

Know where you came from

Know your land now

Know your song and the sands it sang from

Know your song and pass it down

Dreamtime unfold

Star tribe we roam

Know your blood

Know who gave birth child

Know your blood now

Know the earth

Know who came first child

Know the earth and pass it down

If you cut that tree

We're never going to be... Free

Yirawala painter of the dreaming

Dear mama come and start your healing

We call all the generations

Aho gathering of nations

Spirit bird fly into the heartland

I offer everything in my hands

Dream lining all of the directions

Offering protection

If you cut that tree

Were never going to be.... free

Songwriter: Trevor Hall

Yirawala lyrics copyright Baba S Banket Publishing, Baba's Blanket Publishing

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