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Blessingway Ceremonies

Birth and the journey into motherhood is a special and sacred time.  It is my belief  that our current culture is lacking in this ritual and important practice.  My desire is to bring this ritual to mainstream, making it accessible to all mothers, regardless of culture, religious beliefs, past experiences, or income level.  With that in mind, I work with each family to incorporate traditional Blessingway Practices with the family's cultural and religious beliefs, meeting expectant mothers where they are, providing a time for reflection, connection, fear clearing, and intention setting for their birthing time and beyond.  

I am currently offering Blessingways either in-person or virtually.  These can be done with a large group of friends and family, as an intimate gathering, or with just the birthing mother.  A Blessingway can even be incorporated into a Baby Shower.  Each Blessingway is personalized based on what is important and feels right to you, the birthing mother.  Interested?  Book a Discovery Call with me and lets talk about options.  

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