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Placenta Encapsulation &
Tincture Services

​What if your body created the perfect medicine to help you transition from pregnancy to postpartum wellness? Thankfully, nature has provided the perfect answer.  Your placenta, the only transient organ created in pregnancy, contains powerful hormones, minerals, and compounds that can be utilized to ease the difficult transition period between the elevated hormones of pregnancy and the crash that happens right after baby has been born. With placenta encapsulation, we can use nature's medicine in a palatable way that can be taken over longer periods of time than raw consumption allows for. This modality is found as a postpartum remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years. If you're interested in the history, see


Alternatively, if you aren't into placentophagy (consuming the placenta), I can dehydrate and process your placenta into a powder you can plant in your garden or under a new or favorite tree to honor it's gift of life and to signify the end of a pregnancy.  Many women find deep meaning in this.  Ceremonial burial of the placenta has traditionally held spiritual meaning for many cultures around the world.  In many cultures, the placenta is honored as the baby's spirit guide. What a beautiful gift!  


I am Certified & take great care and pride in processing a placenta in my care:

- Processed using modern sanitation and strict (OSHA) guidelines

- Utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine components

-  Processed in my sanitized studio

- Assistance with hospital procedures and procurement

- Between 80-200 capsules (based on size of placenta)

-Artistic placenta print included

-Dehydrated cord for keepsake or burial included

-Optional Tincture (can be used long-term)

- Directions on safe use and storage for longer shelf-life

-Consultation on placenta rituals, ceremonies, ideas that fit with your journey

- Follow-up education and assistance as needed

Book a Discovery Call with me and let's talk about your options

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