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Meet Jen

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Welcome!  I'm Jen of Mother Roots.  My passion is helping women and families in pregnancy, birth, & postpartum.  I am a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, & Childbirth Educator living life in the beautiful mountains of Colorado...

Purple Skies

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Placenta Encapsulation


“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”

- Laura Stavoe Harm

"Jen is an amazing doula. She helped my husband and I both immensely during the journey of bringing our baby into the world. Jen came over before our due date to make sure we knew what to expect, when to call her, and to familiarize herself with our home so that she could be of ultimate help during my labor. As it turned out, when the day came, my labor went so quickly that Jen met us at the hospital. There, she kept me focused by helping with my breathing and reminding me of my birth affirmations. She also helped me a great deal physically by making sure someone was always at my back for counter pressure and by treating my senses with essential oils. My husband reported it was wonderful to have her there to show him what to do also in the midst of the nurses and midwife. After delivery, Jen went out and brought us back a meal, which was much needed after the intensity of the day. She is wonderful. I would recommend her to any and everyone. If we have another baby, Jen will be there with us!"

- Mary 

"As a first time mom, I could not have approached the birth of our son with the calmness and confidence I held without having the support of Jen as our Doula. Full disclosure, Jen is my older sister. While I look to her for support and guidance in all areas of my life, my anxieties towards pregnancy, birth, and postpartum required our relationship to grow a professional level of trust. Many times, medical professionals give unwarranted opinions or advice; sometimes steering you away from your gut or your own preferences. It was so nice to have a doula's support for this reason. Jen was (and still is) always available to chat, listen, offer resources, and guide us to weigh benefits and risks in such a meaningful way and without the burden of her own opinions or preferences. Her support led us to make our own decisions for our growing family. In the end, we had to have a C-section. While this was not in our birthing plan, Jen worked with us to create a new birth plan that mirrored our old one in many ways (other than the exit!) She was present in the OR with us the entire time!

Jen exudes calmness, which in turn calmed be and my husband. Jen also played relaxing music during the surgery, and took a video of our son's birth. When I got up the courage to watch the video, I was overcome with emotion of how beautiful and peaceful his birth was. I am so grateful to my Doula-Sister (and now Doula-Sister-Aunt) whom we couldn't have done it without!!"


"Jen was amazing! I had a lot of issues with prodromal labor and a few false starts and she was with us through it all. From walking to the park to do lunges to making me an awesome go into labor smoothie, she did it all. She was super supportive during labor and my husband had nothing but good things to say about how he felt having her there to help make informed decisions throughout the process. If we end up having a second, we will definitely use Jen and we recommend her to everyone we know!"


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